Niessing Ring® Limited Edition
Niessing Limited Edition Hearts and Arrows  

Niessing Limited Edition Hearts & Arrows

Canadian Diamonds with Ideal Cut – 99 unique Niessing Rings.
Hearts & Arrows meet »Heart and Arrow«! A spectacular, exclusive encounter of Niessing's Canadian diamonds and the Niessing Rings Heaven and HighEnd: precious and extremely rare diamonds from Canada with an ideal cut meet contemporary design and perfect workmanship made in Germany. Only 99 rings of each model will be manufactured, all of them in platinum.


Niessing Ring® Highlights

What more beautiful way is there to highlight one single large diamond than with many small diamonds?! Fine lines of light, a sea of sparkles: never before have you seen the Niessing Rings® Heaven, Tapered, and HighEnd like this.

Niessing Spannring Highlights
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Niessing Ring® Film  


The pure, clear design of the Niessing Ring® exposes the essential: The sparkling diamond. Our new Niessing Ring® movie »The Essence of Freedom« offers fascinating insights to this modern classic of jewelry design.

Niessing Ring® Film

Niessing Colette – pleasure for every day

Colette is the Niessing must-have! Whether as rings or as jewelry for the arm or the ear, Niessing Colette is always playful and delicate, light and lively, new and different each time. Enjoy sharing this idea!

Niessing Colette creolen
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Niessing Topia Bouton Kristallit Bouton  

Niessing Boutons Topia and Crystallite

Traditional men's jewelry in a modern reinterpretation: Niessing Boutons Topia and Crystallite. A small flower, a crystalline form – Niessing Boutons are jewelry pieces for men who wish to underline their personal style in a sophisticated, casual manner. For the buttonhole, the lapel, the T-shirt ... They are uncomplicated, expressive, easygoing – and the perfect gift for HIM.


Niessing Crystallite

Hand-folded, slender sheets of gold or platinum are turned into earrings and pendants. Subtle and spectacular, Crystallite is inspired by the beauty of geometry. Sparkling diamonds give these crystalline bodies of gold or platinum a very special and precious vibrancy. A new view from each perspective. Discover the most beautiful facets of life!

Niessing Crystallite
Niessing Crystallitet
Niessing Rosewood  

Niessing Rosewood

Rosewood, Niessing's latest creation in gold, looks amazingly different in changing light and possesses a shimmer beyond words. At times, the warm brown tone glows reddish, then nearly purple; at times the gold shimmers pink, and then again distinctly brown. This harmony unfurls in the most beautiful way on your hand, interacting with your individual skin tone. Allow yourself to be surprised!

Niessing Rosewood

Niessing Phoenix

The beauty of a red-gold feathered bird: the phoenix is a symbol of eternally repeating cycles, of perpetual recreation. The special aesthetics inherent in repetition. Numerous identical disks of gold or platinum form a bangle. Light-flooded and breezy. A spatial experience in a small spot.

Niessing Phoenix
Niessing Film  


Niessing stands for pure design, for natural forms, and for highest quality. Our new campaign is just like our jewelry. And like the people who wear it: pure and clear, sensuous and lively, authentic and confident. Beautiful, as a matter of course.

Niessing Image Film
Niessing Trauringe
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